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All-Star Baseball 2005 gives you the most realistic “between the lines” game play experience ever with ASB05’s exclusive FielderCam™. The perennial best selling Baseball videogame franchise is more fun and accessible than ever before, packed with exclusive feature innovations, online head-to-head play AND the deepest franchise mode of any baseball video game.

Key Features

  • Exclusive new FielderCam™ & BroadcastCam for the most realistic “between the lines” experience available.
  • Analog-Control Batting lets you hit for average and power with the greatest of ease.
  • Online Head-To-Head play plus downloadable rosters.
  • Exclusive TWIB® (This Week In Baseball®) Challenge lets you relive or change historic moments from the 2003 MLB™ season and unlock TWIB media extras.
  • Deepest Franchise Mode available includes Spring Training, Expansion Mode, Create-A-Team and random season schedules.
  • Two-man commentary from Steve Lyons and Thom Brennaman, Spanish Play-By-Play from Arizona Diamondbacks™ announcer Oscar Soria and Closed Captioning.
  • Master All-Star Baseball 2005 with a video game play tutorial from Steve Lyons.
  • Create-A-Player returns with all new textures allowing gamers to make their own MLB all-star.
  • Over 80 fully animated stadiums including current MLB parks, legendary stadiums, Spring Training™ stadiums and fantasy parks.