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The Cho-Dama kingdom is a quiet and peaceful one. Inhabitants have a very simple life, no worries, no bills to pay, and lots of spare time on their hands. The Cho-Dama kingdom has puzzling giant structures known as Sacred Towers, constructed by ancient civilizations. Their purpose and origin are unknown; all that is known is that they look pretty cool.

Here comes Iggy, our mischievous little friend, who has only one thing on his mind- Reck ‘n’ Racin’ fun! Those Sacred Towers are tempting targets to Iggy- a little too tempting! To more fully enjoy his destructive antics, Iggy has invited his closest friends from all over the world to join him in his tower Reckin’ activities. Iggy’s gang of Reckin’ Balls has a merry mix of personalities and attitudes, but all have one thought on their minds; Let’s Get Reckin’ !!

Fearing the Sacred Tower’s imminent destruction by Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls, inhabitants of the Cho-Dama kingdom rise to protect the Sacred Towers. Using their collective mystical powers, the devious inhabitants will summon a plethora of tower dangers in an attempt to thwart Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls destructive plans.

Key Features

  • 1-4 player racing action.
  • Over 100 levels with 10 distinct environments including Whirlyway, Soft Sun Bay, Tiki Woods, Candyland and more!
  • 8 Reckin’ Crew members including Iggy, Q-Tee, Narlie and more!
  • Loads of secret characters!
  • 5 game modes-Race, Battle, Versus, Mix-Up, and Time Trial.
  • Six unique battle levels
  • 7 different enemies try to slow down the Reckin’ Balls’ race including paranoid Pushie creatures and slimy Stickie slugs!
  • Tons of Power-Ups including Freeze Bombs, Mine Bombs, Seeking Projectiles, Reverse Controls, and more!
  • Levels are loaded with crazy devices and gadgets such as Giant Fans, Conveyor Belts, Rolling Drums, and many others!
  • Bonus Levels include Trampoline Party, Floaty Fans, Trap Door, Warp Chase, and more!
  • Outrageous cartoon animations and zany sound effects!