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Summer Heat Beach Volleyball serves up a dose of sun, fun, and sand right into gamers’ living rooms. The only beach volleyball game available for the PlayStation 2, Summer Heat Beach Volleyball takes players on a journey to the world’s hottest summer spots to face off in fast-paced 2-on-2 arcade action!

Key Features

  • Addictive 2 on 2 Beach Volleyball action in 12 of the world’s hottest beach locations!
  • First-Ever Beach House Mode: Watch videos, listen to music & display your trophies!
  • Just like you see on TV: Instant Replays, Arena Fly-Throughs and Player Cut-Scenes.
  • Arcade, Exhibition, Tournament and Training Mode, plus Mini-Games galore!!
  • Over 200 unlockables! Music videos, courts, accessories and more!
  • Select from 14 unique hotties and dress ’em as you see fit.