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It’s not just racing. It’s a driving simulation so advanced and authentic it’ll drive you mad. Comprehensive vehicle dynamics based on collaboration with industry engineers. Authentically licensed cars: Lotus, Aston-Martin, BMW, Alfa-Romeo and more. One of the most advanced 3-D driving engines ever developed. Is your mind ready for this much reality? VIVA LA SPEED.

Key Features

  • Premier licensed vehicles from Lotus, Ford, Aston Martin, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo and many more.
  • Close collaboration with automotive industry engineers deliver a comprehensive vehicle dynamics model that gives the best driving sensation ever experienced.
  • Push your driving skills to the limit in the exclusive ‘Stunt Driver Challenge’ mode featuring barrel rolls, slaloms, and long jumps.
  • Ultra fast 3D graphics engine, boasting a huge draw distance and no scenery ‘pop-up’.
  • Real-time particle system – collision sparks, smoke, skid marks, dynamic lighting and environment mapping.
  • Premier licensed vehicles from BMW, Lotus, Ford, McLaren and many more.
  • Realistically rendered environments that span morning through to night.
  • Tune-up shop – Allows user friendly but powerful modification of your vehicle specifications.
  • Racers fight their way through an extensive real-time traffic system that boasts the best opponent AI ever developed.
  • Innovative ranking system ensures competitive play for all players from novice to expert.
  • Exceptional, photo-realistic FMV and promotional imagery.