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Behold Astara, a world that had known peace for a thousand years. Once war-like, their science now surpassed even the awesome prowess with which they once waged war. Their wisdom reached its apex and its end with the monumental construction of the Landspire. More than just a marvel of architecture, the Landspire was a vast machine designed to draw power from Astara itself and open a doorway allowing the Astani to travel through the dimensions.

Instead, the gate was opened to a dark and terrible plane, the Shadow Realm. From it poured a nightmare horde, twisted and evil, drawn by hunger for the very energy that powered the rift. Unprepared, countless Astani were destroyed in the first wave but the survivors banded together and waged war against the Shadow Minions. Though outnumbered and with their world shattered, the Astani warriors held back the enemy for months. But they could not repel the Shadow Horde driven by their cruel and cunning Master… the Shadow Wraith… the Dark Yabu.

In the end, none could stand before the hunger of the Wraith, not even Treyvn – Guardian of Astara. His army destroyed, he raced to the Landspire thinkings of nothing now but the safety of his only daughter Reia. Locking her safely inside, he descended the steps to face his final battle. Treyvn had been named Guardian one month before the catastrophe, inheriting the one weapon that proved dangerous to the dark power of Yabu – the legendary Astani War Talons!

Rage rose up in Treyvn then. Rage for his world, for his people, for himself. But his rage could not defeat so many, and so it was desperation that drove him to deliver his final blow. The Wraiths could not be allowed to capture the War Talons! The Astani were no more… save one.

700 years later the battle fell to the Valdar, a race more primitive than the Astani that had dwelled in the forests of the southern continent, now blown to the far edges of the asteroid field that was all that remained of Astara. Along with the rest of his race, the aged guardian of the Valdani, Vargas, and his grandson Vexx were enslaved to mine for the Wraithearts – last remains of the original wave of Wraiths and the only remaining source of the original Astani power grid.

Any lapse in their toil was met with cruelty. Pushed too far, Vexx lashed out at his oppressors. His attack gained only the notice of the last of the Shadowraiths, their leader, the Dark Yabu. Guardian to the end, Vargas attacked Yabu and saved the life of his young grandson. But to Vexx’s horror – forfeited his own.

That night, vowing revenge, Vexx snuck onto the Wraith’s windship. Bent on finding some weapon and some means to hurt his tormentor, he stumbled on the treasure of Yabu. The wall were lined with recovered Wraithearts as well as the morbid Soul Jars – captured Astani spirit-energy used by the Wraith as refreshment and…. the Astani War Talons.

As he approached, Vexx could feel their power… hear their call. And as they leapt to life, they bound themselves to him forever and his fate to that of all Astara.