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In the future racing is faster – MUCH FASTER. More dangerous – much MORE DANGEROUS. And it’s totally merciless, which means ANYTHING GOES. Run by the XGRA (the Extreme Gravity Racing Association), this motorized bloodsport throws teams of futuristic bikes and daredevil riders against one another through dangerous tracks that crisscross vast and treacherous landscapes pushing all to their limits…. And beyond!

Key Features

  • SiNN (Sports Interactive News Network) and the XGRA (Extreme Gravity Racing Association) create a future motor sport unlike anything ever experienced.
  • 8 different teams, all with unique histories, sponsors, and rivalries
  • Variable missions and storylines that make each race part of a larger career. You now race for a reason other than just getting to the next track.
  • A game structure designed to emulate a true motor sport season with various classes and race types.
  • A variety of different and completely tweakable main vehicle types.
  • A wide range of characters, each with skills & statistics that affect how they race.
  • A rewards system that allows for a slew of unlockable content – from game modes to new tracks, from faster bikes to character-enhancing cybernetic implants.
  • Environments that bring worlds to life. From variable weather systems to realistically constructed buildings, all 16 tracks are set in worlds so startling, you may actually forget to race.
  • An interactive HUD that not only provides all relevant information during the race, but can be manipulated during gameplay.
  • Destructible objects – from gas pipes to bridges to spectators, the track can be changed dynamically by anyone throughout the race.
  • A new weapons system that allows the player to easily select and use weapons without fear of losing focus on the race.