MIRROR Soft brings Chronomaster to Steam

Classic sci-fi adventure game now available on both Steam & GOG

TORONTO, ON – February 04, 2022 – Throwback Entertainment through its MIRROR Soft brand is excited to announce the release of Chronomaster on Steam! The Sci-fi classic features the voice talents of Ron Pearlman & Brent Spiner and is currently available for a 35% off launch week promotion.

Written and designed by science fiction writer, Roger Zelazny, winner of numerous Hugo and Nebula Awards, and co-authored by Jane Lindskold.

Join Korda, the Chronomaster, on his epic quest for justice! In this groundbreaking Graphic Adventure, find yourself on a mission beyond your wildest dreams in a future where magic & science co-exist!

“Chronomaster” will take you on a journey through man-made “Pocket Universes” full of cyborgs, pirates & witches who provide deadly puzzles. Embark on an odyssey to worlds where magic reigns, reality warps & plants speak words of wisdom. Watch as “Bottled Time” affects people and objects in man made universes that band to different laws of physics.

Can you guide Korda & use this bottled time to solve the mystery, re-start the universes and return justice to the stars?

– Boundless gameplay as you move freely from screen to screen within Pocket Universes in any order you choose
– An original storyline from established sci-fi authors Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold offers exciting elements blending science fiction and fantasy
– Striking, highly detailed and fully rendered 3D artwork with full motion animation makes Chronomaster visually stunning
– Intuitive interface helps players move quickly through game sequences

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