Windows Phone users: Save the world in this arcade-style, pick-up-and-play Earth defense simulator

Toronto, ON – October 27, 2014 – Throwback Entertainment, an entertainment publisher committed to immersive mobile gaming experiences, today announced that its retro-inspired, arcade-style Earth defense simulator, Deflector, is now available worldwide on the Windows Phone Store.

In the simplistic yet addictive Deflector, Earth is threatened from every angle by a myriad of asteroids, comets, and alien starships. Players must take command of the Deflector Weapon System and eliminate all threats on a collision course with the planet. Activate deflector shields, missiles, and laser beams by tapping the on-screen buttons or swipe the globe to change the control scheme. But remain calm! Each threat requires a specific defense mechanism, and button mashing will only make the incoming ships and projectiles more formidable.

For an added challenge, players can choose to activate Immersive Mode. Immersive Mode features a HUD-free interface wherein Earth must be rotated to activate its three defense systems. Earth must be protected, no matter how challenging.

Deflector is available to download for free from the Windows Phone Store, and is free to play. Inspired by old-school arcade games, Deflector offers completely optional token packs to keep your high score going after a game over. One token pack contains four “score saver” tokens, available for just $1.00. Become master and commander of the Deflector Weapon System and secure a spot on the classic ‘three initials’ global online leaderboards!*

To download and play Deflector, visit its Windows Phone Store page at

Deflector will see a separate PC release in the coming weeks for the Windows 8.1 operating system, which will be made available in the Apps for Windows section of the Windows Store.

About Throwback Entertainment

Canadian-based Throwback Entertainment Inc. develops, creates and publishes immersive and interactive entertainment.  Notable franchises such as Extreme G Racing™, Vexx™, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance™, Legends of Wrestling™, Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls™ and now Deflector™ are part of our core video game portfolio.  More information about Throwback Entertainment can be found online at

*(Don’t take ‘ZAP,’ that one is mine!)