The gameplay of Extreme-G consists mainly of fast-paced racing through an array of futuristic environments

The gameplay of Extreme-G consists mainly of fast-paced racing through an array of futuristic environments. An impressive array of defensive and offensive weapons are available on-track. These include multi-homing/reverse missiles, magnetic/laser mines, and shield-boosting power-ups. Special weapons can also be found such as invisibility, phosphorus flash and the mighty Wally-Warp which if not avoided, can instantly transport a bike right to the back of the pack.

As with all Extreme-G games, futuristic racing pilots race plasma-powered bikes in an intergalactic Grand Prix at speeds that are over 750 km/h making it the third fastest racing game on the Nintendo 64 The emphasis is on speed and creative racetrack design, with tracks looping through like roller coasters.


  • 12 weapons types, including all kinds of missiles, flash bombs, mines, laser tripwires and even a flame thrower.
  • Two to four players can race at the same time, either head to head, compete in a capture the flags mode, or hunt each other down
  • Extreme-G also features a cool techno soundtrack that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: Provide a pulse-pounding background beat to the races
  • Four different worlds filled with tracks that up the ante on every other racing game out there

DEVELOPED BY:  Probe Entertainment

PUBLISHED BY: Acclaim Entertertainment

GENRE: Racing

MODES: Single & Multi Player


  • Nintendo 64
Mild Animated Violence