Iggy's Reckin Balls

Here comes Iggy, our mischievous little friend, who has only one thing on his mind- Reck ‘n’ Racin’ fun!




Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls is a 1-4 player platform racing game played across 100+ varied tracks with themes ranging from tornadoes to techno land. Eight unique ball characters, each with distinct traits, climb up tower levels and thwart their opponent’s progress using a chain-link grapple that extends from their head. Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls features a competitive Battle Mode with Battle Arenas, Time Trial, and a Team Combo Mode.


  • 1-4 player racing action.
  • Over 100 levels with 10 distinct environments including Whirlyway, Soft Sun Bay, Tiki Woods, Candyland and more!
  • 8 Reckin’ Crew members including Iggy, Q-Tee, Narlie and more!
  • Loads of secret characters!
  • 5 game modes-Race, Battle, Versus, Mix-Up, and Time Trial.
  • Six unique battle levels
  • 7 different enemies try to slow down the Reckin’ Balls’ race including paranoid Pushie creatures and slimy Stickie slugs!
  • Tons of Power-Ups including Freeze Bombs, Mine Bombs, Seeking Projectiles, Reverse Controls, and more!
  • Levels are loaded with crazy devices and gadgets such as Giant Fans, Conveyor Belts, Rolling Drums, and many others!
  • Bonus Levels include Trampoline Party, Floaty Fans, Trap Door, Warp Chase, and more!
  • Outrageous cartoon animations and zany sound effects!


DEVELOPED BY:  Iguana Entertainment

PUBLISHED BY: Acclaim Entertertainment

GENRE: Platformer, Racing

MODES: Single & Multi Player


  • Nintendo 64