Speed Kings

Speed Kings, the full-on adrenaline rush of street motorcycle racing


It will take nerves of steel and lightning fast reflexes to make your way through these crowded streets. Introducing Speed Kings, the full-on adrenaline rush of street motorcycle racing, right in your living room. It’s a mixture of Burnout meets Road Rash that will have players weaving through traffic, pulling off insane stunts, running from police and racing to the finish line. Do you have what it takes to be a Speed King?



  • Arcade style handling and controls – pick up and play.
  • CRASHES! – real-time damage to both bike and rider.
  • High performance bikes – sport / road / touring / custom, each with their own type of handling, top speeds, etc.
  • Selection of riders each with different riding styles.
  • Interactive street environments featuring traffic and destructible objects.
  • Extensive reward based hidden features.
  • Speed King Boost point system.
  • Scripted cinematic events unique to each level.
  • Featuring jumps, power-downs, skids, wheelies, stoppies and more!


DEVELOPED BY: Climax London

PUBLISHED BY: Acclaim Entertertainment

GENRE: Racing

MODES: Single & Multi Player


  • PlayStation 2
  • Xbox
  • Gamecube