Carnage in Space: Ignition now available on Xbox One & Xbox Series


TORONTO, ON – February 25, 2022 – Throwback Entertainment in partnership with indie developer MM//Productions is proud to announce the release of the brutal action platformer, Carnage in Space: Ignition on Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Windows Store platforms

Game Synopsis: 

For years, he’s served the law from the shadows. With an authority backed by his sword and force of will, special operative Nightmare of the IOTA coalition brings a swift end to any criminal or warlord foolish enough to disturb the peace. But when Nightmare is quietly sent down to support a civil war on the far-off planet of Appenna, not even he could be prepared for the deception that awaits…

Key Features: 

– Fast platforming and brutal combat challenges!

– Tons of unique weapons and tools to mix and match!

– Flexible difficulty settings to keep gamers of any experience level engaged!

– Short but engaging story with juuuust the right amount of cynicism!

– Fierce, punishing boss battles!

– Bonus: Endless combat challenges and boss rush mode!




For a limited time, save 20% on all platforms.



Windows Store: 


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About MM//Productions

MM//Productions is the one-man studio of John “MoscowModder” Brink – Making games for the fun of it since 2009.