TrickStyle is back, and exclusively on! Race high above futuristic cityscapes on state of the art hover-boards. TrickStyle features an exceptional physics engine and state of the art character animations. Accurate collision spheres allow for true character interaction and stunt based racing — a first in the genre. TrickStyle’s node based track design allows for multiple routes through each of the courses, enhancing replay value.

Key Features

  • Characters must use stunts to race competitively — a first for the genre
  • Inspirational graphics and animations
  • Practice stunts in the Velodrome – a “skate park” designed just for air-surfers
  • Unique node based track design ensures replay value
  • Real time physics engine manages everything, ensuring a realistic experience
  • Players rewarded with “mini-game” after each area is completed
  • Nine completely different characters, fluid and realistic animations, each with their own surfing style.
  • VMU mini games unlock hidden features. (DC only)
  • Over 400 stunt-combinations to master.

“The characters are large, well-animated figures and the levels are the best 3D tracks to ever grace a console.” – Next-Gen

“Visually, TrickStyle is a real powerhouse. The high-polygon characters are well detailed and the lighting effects are some of the best we’ve ever seen…” – IGN


“TrickStyle looks friggin’ amazing! Everything is creatively modelled in 3D glory highlighted with fantastic lighting effects (note those energy trails) and silky smooth animation at high resolution, all running at a steady 30fps, no exceptions.” – Segadogo