TORONTO, ON – May 11, 2007 – Throwback Entertainment today announced the appointment of Yash Terakura to the role of chief technology officer.  Terakura will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of Throwback’s worldwide technological and research efforts.

“The appointment of Yash Terakura to the Chief Technology Officer position fills an important and strategic role within the company.  Technology will be Throwback’s lifeblood in an industry where innovation helps drive creative properties,” said Thomas Maduri, Chief Executive Officer of Throwback.  “Mr. Terakura has been an innovator his whole career.”

Mr. Terakura brings 30 years of combined executive, technical and development experience in the IT and gaming industries. Yash was an original team member at Commodore, where he helped design and engineer the VIC and Commodore 64.  Yash Terakura has also served as President of HAL America, a subsidiary of HAL Laboratory, and as a consultant for firms such as Mattel, Atari, Puma, United Auto, Mitsubishi and a multitude of other companies.

“Many years ago I thought I had closed a chapter on the game industry.  Throwback, to me, doesn’t offer the beginning of a new chapter, but a whole new book.  Very quickly in my experience with Throwback, I witnessed something special and unique, it was something that I wanted to be a part of almost immediately,” said Yash Terakura.  “I’m thrilled at the opportunity to lead Throwback’s technological efforts and drive innovation for our customers in this new and exciting generation of interactive entertainment.”


“The CTO role in Throwback requires a senior executive with the kind of strong leadership skills, technical background and experience that Yash has shown consistently through his vision and expertise,” added Thomas Maduri.  “I will work closely with Yash to drive the future roadmap of the company and achieve the goals we’ve set forth.”

About Yash Terakura

Yash Terakura started his career in 1973 as a digital calculator designer with Commodore Japan.  In 1978 he became the manager of engineering and oversaw operations of Commodore Business Machines in Japan.  Mr. Terakura developed the first Commodore color PET computer before being transferred to Commodore Business Machines in the US as manager of R&D to design new color personal computer lines.  While at CBM, Yash developed the Commodore VIC 20, Commodore 64, other systems along with applications and games.  From 1985 to 1988 Yash served as a consultant with companies such as Mattell, United Auto, Kidco, Atari and Mitsubishi.  Yash served as President of HAL America from 1988 to 1994.  He has since been serving as a consultant for a number of worldwide firms.

About Throwback Entertainment Inc

Throwback Entertainment is a worldwide publisher and developer of Interactive Entertainment products.  The Company’s diverse product line-up includes notable video game properties such as Vexx™, Extreme G Racing™, Re-Volt™, and Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance™.  More information about Throwback can be found at

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